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RF Nomad Atomic Shadow Edition 5U Format (dot com) Order Form

Evaton Technologies has produced a limited number of RF Nomad modules in 5U (dot com) format. To order this product, please fill out the form to the right, and I'll contact you for shipping and payment details. I try to respond within 24 hours.

Single  MU width
+/- 15V @ 10mA
SO-239 RF connection to allow sturdy outdoor antenna
Generously-proportioned, vintage-style knobs.
CV input controls tuning offset.
Tunes 31m shortwave band.
MSRP: $230
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The RF Nomad: Atomic Shadow Edition comes with everything you see here: The Nomad module itself, a 9-foot (3m) PL-259 coaxial antenna feed cable, and a 20-foot (6m) wire antenna.  The antenna can be used indoors as-is. With a little waterproofing of the connectors, outdoor use is also possible. Be sure to disconnect during storms!

RF Nomad: Atomic Shadow Edition, being operated by its namesake, Atomic Shadow!

Track created with the RF Nomad, by Atomic Shadow in the Command Center.