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Evaton Technologies

Evaton Technologies is an embedded systems consulting organization, founded by a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, serving a wide variety of customer's needs in the Greater Pittsburgh area and across the United States.

Our focus is real-time and embedded system product development. We cover the entire spectrum, from concept and design, to schematic capture and layout, through getting set up with a contract manufacturer. We offer our services for your entire project, or any part of it, from concept to finished product. 

Services Offered

Product Requirement Specification

Product Design

Schematic Capture

PCB Layout / Autoroute

Software / Firmware Authoring

PLD Design / Programming

User Documentation Authoring

Video Instruction Media Authoring

Technical Consultation

Industries Served

Amateur Radio Equipment
Custom Test Equipment
Embedded Systems for Motorsports
Web-Enabled Embedded Devices
Home Automation
Industrial Automation
Electronics for Music
Digital Communications
Custom Handheld Computers

Our expertise encompasses these and other disciplines:

Digital and analog circuit simulation and design
Printed Circuit Board design (over 150 board designs since 2004)
Real-Time software development
Firmware development in C, assembler, PICBASIC
Adding web access to embedded devices
Linux-hosted toolchains
Open source development
Host-side interfaces to embedded targets (C, VB, Perl, more)
Unix scripting (Perl/awk/sed/shell)
Data communications (RS-232, Ethernet, USB, ISO9141, more)
In-circuit programming

Microprocessor / Microcontroller PCB Designs:
Intel i960
Freescale MPC5534
Motorola ColdFire
Motorola 68HC11
Motorola 9S12
Motorola 68HC05
Microchip Pic 16Fxxx
Microchip Pic 18Fxxx
Microchip DSPIC
Atmel AVR ATMega8 / 169
Numerous others...

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