Compact Bridge Module

Link is a module that is useful for bridging two Eurorack cases together, or for making a large number of interconnects between two different areas in a single large Eurorack synthesizer. Link is a passive interconnection module that passes up to 18 control voltage, audio, or gate signals to another connected Link module, over a standard HDMI connection cable. Because Link is completely passive, signals are bidirectional; signals can pass in either direction.

  • Eurorack modular synth format
  • RF amplitude modulator
  • 4hp (20.3mm)
  • 20mm
  • 3U (128.5mm, standard Eurorack)
  • None required!
  • 4 stereo/mono 3.5mm jacks, 10 mono jacks
  • Made in USA of RoHS-compliant components
  • 4’ (1.25m) HDMI cable